What is ProductCamp?

ProductCamp is a gathering of those in the Nashville community to learn and discuss with each other their experiences in product development, marketing, and management. Following an “unconference” format ProductCamp is a user generated event allowing anyone to participate as a presenter. It’s an opportunity for those who have found success and failure to share their experiences and learnings with others to help grow and strengthen the Nashville Product Community.


When is it?

ProductCamp Nashville will be held on Saturday, November 7th, 2015, at Redpepper. You can see more event details in the registration section.


Why Should I go to ProductCamp?

ProductCamp is a great opportunity for learning, sharing ideas, developing networks and engaging with professionals actually managing and marketing products. It’s about learning and expanding your horizons no matter where you are in your career.


How is ProductCamp Different

When you go to ProductCamp, you’ll see that it’s user-sponsored in that attendees propose the session topics. This means you determine your own destiny and drive the content to get the most out of your time. It’s dynamic and organic which makes it a great, unique way to learn new ideas, share your thought leadership, talk about your experiences, reconnect with colleagues, network with new ones, engage in thought provoking discussions, push the creativity envelope and have FUN!



Register Now

Space is limited, so reserve your ticket for ProductCamp Nashville before it sells out.
After registering, considering submitting your own presentation to share your ideas or passion.

WHEN:     Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015

WHERE:    Redpepper, 305 Jefferson Street

WHEN:     8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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Creating an event by product people for product people wouldn’t be possible without the generous help of organizations sponsoring ProductCamp Nashville through financial or in-kind contributions.

There are numerous on-site, online and direct benefits for our ProductCamp Nashville sponsors. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us bring ProductCamp Nashville to life.


Pragmatic Marketing

Sessions are Crowdsourced

ProductCamp Nashville is completely different from most conferences you’ve considered attending. Everyone participates and contributes to the success of the event, right down to creating, presenting and leading the sessions themselves!

We’re searching for passionate local product people – people who dream, build, launch or support some product or service.

Do you have an area of insight or knowledge that you can share with the community? Because ProductCamp is user-driven, submit your presentation and let us hear what you have to say!


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While there is no limit to the types of sessions you can offer or will see at ProductCamp Nashville, there are a few formats that sessions can typically be grouped into. Remember, you can choose any format you like and you aren’t limited to the formats discussed here. This list is intended to help you come up with creative ideas, not to constrain you!

Panel Discussion – This popular format is usually led by a moderator and a panel of 3-5 topical experts. The panelists may or may not give an opening statement on the session topic, but the majority of the session is a Q&A facilitated by the moderator, using a combination of prepared questions and impromptu questions from the audience. The most successful panel discussions have a well defined topic, and rely heavily on audience questions.

Presentation – While ProductCampers tend to avoid traditional one-way “talking head” presentations, good speakers and experts can pull them off and deliver extremely successful sessions. If you are considering offering a session in this format, we suggest strongly considering whether another format might be a more engaging way to create an ongoing discussion in your topic area. If your topic really needs a traditional presentation, bring it on!

Roundtable – This format can take many shapes, but in general, participants break up into smaller discussion groups focused on a specific topic or topic area, and then present or discuss their findings with the group at the end. A moderator typically floats from table to table to help stimulate the discussion or contribute expertise and perspective.

Town Hall – A popular update to the less interactive “Presentation” format, the Town Hall typically leads with a brief presentation (15 -20 minutes) on a specific topic area and then transitions into an open discussion encouraging input, conversation and even debate from all participants. Town Hall sessions are consistently among the most popular ProductCamp sessions!

Workshop – In a workshop, the session leader introduces a topic or concept and the participants actively participate in an exercise to reinforce those concepts. Workshop participants generally leave the session with a strong grasp of the topic area and have an opportunity to apply their new knowledge immediately. If proposing this session, make sure your description includes details about the expected outcome of the workshop!


Some of the topic areas that have proven successful in the past include:
• Product-Market Fit
• Roadmap Definition and Prioritization
• User Experience (UX)
• Product Strategy
• Requirements Definitions
• Product Development Methods (Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Waterfall)
• Go-to-Market
• Marketing Execution
• Product Lifecycle Management
• Product Management Careers
• Collaborative Teams
• Pricing Strategy
• Competitor Analysis

Sessions cover a wide range of product management topics, and we look forward to educating our audience with your topic!


How long should my talk be?
Including discussion, each session is planned for 45 minutes.

Am I guaranteed a speaking slot?
Not necessarily. If we have more session proposals than time slots available, then the event organizers will let you know if all the slots are filled. The idea behind ProductCamp is to create content by the people, for the people. So we’ll do our best and find ways to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Please contact the Speaker Lead if you have additional questions or need help proposing an idea.


Meet the Team Behind this Year’s ProductCamp

You’ve probably met one or more of us at the monthly Nashville Product Meetup. Well, that same core team is helping to organize ProductCamp Nashville.

Thanks to the folks who help organize ProductCamp Nashville:
Chair: Sandy DeWald
Finance: Chuck Bryant
Sponsorships: Matt DeVandry
Logistics: Jon Arnold
Marketing: Eric Carroll
Sessions: Tomiko Peirano
Volunteers: Tamara Baxt Clemmons

Additional Support:
Michael Thurmon

Interested in Volunteering?

At ProductCamp Nashville everyone participates in some manner: presenting, leading a discussion, showcasing a best practice, or sharing their experiences. Others help with logistics, securing sponsorships, organizing sessions, or setting up/cleaning up. This is a self-organizing collaborative event that is designed be a fun, rewarding and a unique experience.

If you’re interested in volunteering at the actual event, we’re always looking for people to help with the numerous behind-the-scenes activities that are key to a successful event. Contact us and let us know how you want to help create the best ProductCamp Nashville event ever!

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